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Vacutech LLC, is the largest private employer in Sheridan, Wyoming and is the leader in designing and building central carwash vacuum systems, janitorial and house cleaning systems and vacuums. We are seeking candidates who are self-motivated, creative, work well with a team, and have strong attention to detail. Ideal candidates would have experience and ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

*Vacutech is an equal opportunity employer.

Vacutech is proud to be a National Carwash Solutions company.

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Vacutech employs nearly 200 teammates with career paths ranging from welding and machining to product design and engineering to sales and administrative support.

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Vacutech understands there's more to life than work. So why not build your career with a company that recognizes your value and offers true life potential both on the clock and off?


We look forward to meeting you & helping you grow your career.

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