Hill Peyton Vacutech is an important partner in the continued growth of the GATE Express Car Wash business. Their superior quality vacuum systems bring great added value to our customers. We consistently hear positive feedback from customers about the effectiveness of the free vacuum service. Hill Peyton
GATE Express Car Wash
Jacksonville, FL
Jim Rooney Customers frequently tell us how much they love using our vacuum equipment. Why trust a customer’s experience with anything else? Jim Rooney
Owner / Operator
3 Minute Magic Car Wash
Knoxville, TN
Ralph Nasca Vacutech has consistently exceeded expectations in quality, integrity, customer service, timely response in communication and deliveries as well as technical knowledge. Ralph Nasca
Owner / Manager
Pro-Tech Service Co., L.L.C.
Lewisville, TX
W. Key Mahone Over the past 8 years I have been most pleased with the service & support from Vacutech on my [5] vacuum systems. The customers love the suction! I appreciate the quality of workmanship of the equipment and most importantly the service after the sale. W. Key Mahone
Owner / Operator
United Car Wash
Dothan, AL
Wes Dawson With Vacutech, I got a partner that could design and grow the idea. Wes Dawson
Owner / President
Big Man Washes, INC.
Irving, TX
Daniel Mehaffey Building the most robust systems in the industry, modern engineering and strong market success has proven the Vacutech investment to be the best available. Daniel Mehaffey
Quality Wash Solutions
Williamsburg, VA

These values guide the Vacutech team every day. And those values have earned us the reputation as a leader in central vacuum systems.

We are proud to manufacture our products in the USA as we utilize Vacutech’s more than 100 years combined experience to design, engineer and build custom central vacuum systems that deliver for our customers

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Vacutech is a member of the National Carwash Solutions family that includes industry-leading brands such as MacNeil, Ryko, TSS and Clean Touch. NCS is North America's top car wash solution provider. NCS’s bundled solutions allow you to customize services to get exactly what you need, when you need it for a solution that truly benefits you and your business. From product education to installation, our teams are here to help every step of the way. Exceptional service is the driving force behind all the companies in the NCS family.


Vacutech is the original creator of the vacuum delivery arch that revolutionized the car wash industry.

Since its introduction more than a decade ago, the vacuum delivery arch has become one of the most recognizable features of modern express exterior car washes. Our team hasn’t stopped with simply being the arch originator. We continue to be the vacuum innovator with a commitment to new products and refined solutions to common challenges, delivering the optimal customer experience.

Vacutech has also been a pioneer and continued innovator in designing and building central vacuum systems ranging from housekeeping to pharmaceutical to mining to renewable energy.

SINCE 1997

Vacutech Roots

Our team, led by Vacutech founders and brothers Tom Tucker and John Tucker, has more than 100 years combined experience and experience in the vacuum industry. Located in Sheridan, Wyoming, our team designs, engineers and manufactures each system specifically for each customer’s unique needs.

The Tucker brothers rooted the company in their commitment to manufacturing the highest performance vacuums systems possible. The brothers also made unparalleled customer service a bedrock of the business.

Their experience in the vacuum industry began with their work as teenagers in their father’s central vacuum business, itself a pioneer in the industry. Tom and John continued working in the field after leaving the family business, each creating and running several successful businesses of their own before joining together in 1997 to launch Vacutech.

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