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Mat Racks

Make vacuuming a breeze for your customers with Vacutech’s ergonomic mat racks — no more bending and stooping to vacuum floor mats. Customers appreciate the speed and convenience this essential accessory provides.

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

New Waste Receptacle

Vacutech has unveiled its new style of waste receptacle that delivers signature Vacutech function with a fresh aesthetic design.
The new waste receptacle:

  • Is a critical accessory for maintaining clean vacuum areas
  • Enables simple, easy cleanout of debris separators
  • Includes a weighted lid
    Is available in vacuum arch-mounted or stand-alone, floor-mounted styles
  • Comes in the powder coat color of your choice or in stainless steel finish
  • Provides customer convenience that separates your wash from the competition

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

LED Lights

Energy-efficient lighting provides a number of benefits to any car wash – improved visibility from afar, safety for your site and patrons, the option to extend business hours, convenience for customers, and more. And if you’re looking for an alternative to plain white light, Vacutech has an exclusive partnership with G&G Lighting to offer the car wash industry’s first color-changing LED lights for vacuum arches, an exciting and unique addition to your vacuum plaza.

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

Compressed Air

Take clean to the next level with Vacutech’s compressed air tool. This unique accessory allows customers to truly clean out their vehicles’ many nooks and crannies, blowing out crumbs, dirt and dust.

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

Awnings (Canopies)

Awnings are a beautiful way to make your customers more comfortable by providing shade and protection from the elements. Vacutech offers awnings in a variety of durable, low maintenance materials such as fabric and metal that can be customized to your colors.

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

Waste Receptacle

These elegant and sturdy waste receptacles mount directly to the vacuum arches or can be ground mounted at each stall, providing ultimate convenience and easy vehicle clean up while also cutting down on loose trash around your car wash site.

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

Towel Bin

Customers and wash operators alike appreciate the convenience our towel bins provide. These durable, attractive towel bins neatly hold clean cloths and collect used ones to cater to the discerning wash customer while keeping your site tidy. Ask about our standard and custom graphics options.

Appealing appearance.
Convenient customer experience.

Make it Yours

You choose the following options when designing your wash to make your vacuum system a complete custom solution to your brand or car wash.

We Do the Rest

Our Experts will take care of the more complicated components leaving you with the freedom to focus on the customer experience.

Components of a Complete Car Wash Vacuum System

Arches are a key component of your Vacutech central vacuum system. Each Vacutech system includes vacuum delivery equipment (such as arches), the necessary power equipment (turbines/producers and separators), plus accessories.

You select your desired arch style and our vacuum experts will engineer the ideal equipment options and configuration for your unique site.

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