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Accidentally sucked something up?

We got you covered!

For more than twenty years, Vacutech has delivered the most powerful suction available on the market. But we know accidents happen, so we build our systems to help your customers and staff plus protect your investment in equipment.

So, what happens when someone accidently sucks up a child’s beloved toy? Or a car key or a piece of jewelry?

Vacutech offers vacuum system design elements that capture large objects that you can then return to the customer. These design elements (called debris separators) also ensure that items do not enter your turbine and cause damage to your valuable equipment. The debris separators are easy to open, making it simple to access and remove lost items.

In any business, mistakes can happen. As your industry leader in vacuum systems, Vacutech makes sure you have solutions!

Vacutech strongly supports our clients’ success, and we are proud to be a part of the many carwashes our systems serve. Call us today at (800) 917-9444 to get started with a custom solution.


Vacutech’s debris separators allow you to return to customers items that were accidentally vacuumed up and prevent those items from damaging your equipment.