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Car Wash
Vacuum Equipment

Complete Central Vacuum Systems
for Today's Carwashes

Innovating Into the Future

For more than twenty years Vacutech has been developing, refining, and manufacturing the highest quality, longest lasting equipment in the car wash Industry. Whether creating the first vacuum delivery arch more than a decade ago or introducing new products and accessories, we work tirelessly to ensure the best vacuuming experience for your customer.

Make It Yours

Choose from the following options to make your vacuum system a complete custom branded solution.

We Do the Rest

Our Experts will take care of the more complicated components leaving you with the freedom to focus on the customer experience.

Arches (Booms)

Arches, sometimes referred to as booms, are a Vacutech original design that has become the hallmark of today’s superior car washes. These iconic vacuum delivery structures combine unbeatable function with beautiful form.

Stanchions and Separators

Arches are the most popular choice today but they may not be the right fit for your carwash. Our stanchions and cyclonic separators with hose drops are another ideal way to achieve vacuum power and convenience.

Awnings & Canopies

Offer your customers shade and protection from the elements with Vacutech’s custom awning and canopies. Available in various materials and a full spectrum of colors to compliment your car wash.

Free Vac & Paid Vac

Whether you want to offer free vacuum, paid vacuum or both, Vacutech systems deliver. We offer POS integrated and stand-alone solutions designed to meet your needs.


Looking to set your car wash apart from the competition? Accessories are key to creating memorable customer experiences that draw people in and drive repeat business.


This low maintenance, incredibly durable piece of equipment is used in every Vacutech system to effortlessly collect dirt and debris and protect the vacuum producer. Our experts will select the right filter separator for your site based on system engineering.

Turbines (Producers)

Turbines are the heart of your system. They create the negative pressure (suction) that keeps your system operating powerfully. Vacutech offers the widest range of turbines in the carwash industry as well as the longest warranty.