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Free Vac & Paid Vac

Pay Vacuum vs. Free Vacuum? Now choose both!

Introducing PIVOT

PIVOT is an innovative vacuum solution that is fully integrated with your point of sale system. With PIVOT car wash owners can tailor the customer vacuum experience to achieve results for their car wash. Whether your goal is to introduce an additional revenue stream, limit vacuum area traffic, influence time spent vacuuming, or any combination of these… PIVOT is the right solution.

Now you have the flexibility to offer the legendary power and reliability of the Vacutech central vacuum system “FREE” with the purchase of a car wash and “PAID” if no car wash is needed

PIVOT System

How PIVOT Works:

Vacuum hoses are non-functional until triggered. Once triggered, the vacuum hoses can be used for a period of time determined by the car wash owner or selected by the user. Triggering methods include scanning a bar code, entering a numerical code, or credit card swipe*.

Integrated vacuum control – PIVOT systems seamlessly integrate with point of sale equipment provided by industry leaders such as DRB and ICS. For more information on integration or other point of sale equipment providers, contact Vacutech.

Non-integrated vacuum control – Contact a Vacutech representative to learn more about this option.

For more information on user configured options, utility/infrastructure requirements and more, scroll down to download the product flyer.

Make it Yours

You choose the following options when designing your wash to make your vacuum system a complete custom solution to your brand or car wash.

We Do the Rest

Our Experts will take care of the more complicated components leaving you with the freedom to focus on the customer experience.

With a PIVOT System you can:

* Feature may be unavailable with certain POS vendor partners.

Download Our Product Flyer