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Making cleanup a breeze and protecting your investment.

Separators are an integral part of your car wash’s Vacutech central vacuum system. This equipment collects and stores the dirt, dust and debris that your system is designed to vacuum up. Separators also ensure that debris does not enter and damage your turbine – the heart of the vacuum system you’ve invested in.

Our team of engineers will work with you to determine the right style and size separator for your wash site to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Primary Separator

  • Cyclonic separation of dirt and debris prior to entering filter separator
  • Extends filter separator maintenance intervals
  • Extends life of filter separator filters

Filter Separator

  • Provides protection for the heart of the vacuum system
  • Filters air before it enters the turbine (vacuum producer)
  • Cyclonic separation of dirt and debris
  • Debris is deposited in the debris bucket for easy cleaning
  • Standard pressure gauge to monitor system performance
  • No tools required to access or maintain filter bags
  • Simple maintenance options without the need for tools
  • Bag shaker – Simply move the handle back and forth to remove dust from filter bags
  • Pulse Jet – Automatic self-cleaning feature through use of compressed air

Make it Yours

You choose the following options when designing your wash to make your vacuum system a complete custom solution to your brand or car wash.

We Do the Rest

Our Experts will take care of the more complicated components leaving you with the freedom to focus on the customer experience.

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