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Stanchions & Cyclonic Separators w/ Hose Drops

Smartly designed vacuum delivery solutions for whatever your car wash site requires.

Whether your site has particular parameters for central vacuum system design or you simply have a unique vision for your car wash, Vacutech has the optimal central vacuum delivery option.


This vacuum delivery option offers all the power and performance of a Vacutech vacuum arch but in a compact, low-profile package.

Stanchions are the ideal option for locations where unimpeded sight lines are desired or required. Put your personal touch on your stanchions by selecting a custom powder coat or selecting sleek stainless steel.

Create a memorable customer experience by adding accessories such as waste receptacles or mat racks.

Cyclonic Separators with Hose Drops

Ideal for sites that feature large shade canopies, solar structures, or have indoor vacuum areas, Vacutech’s cyclonic separators with hose drops deliver power and performance combined with convenient and simple mountings designed for your space.

Our cyclonic separators are low maintenance and offer 90% debris capture efficiency. Our engineering experts will work with you to determine optimal and attractive mounting options for your overhead structure such as canopies, posts or similar.

Make it Yours

You choose the following options when designing your wash to make your vacuum system a complete custom solution to your brand or car wash.

We Do the Rest

Our Experts will take care of the more complicated components leaving you with the freedom to focus on the customer experience.