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Check us — and Shine Auto Wash! — out in YCM Octane Magazine!

One of the great privileges we have as a company is getting to see the great work our customers do and support their success. Shine Auto Wash in Vancouver, B.C., is one of those customers.

YCM Octane Magazine featured Shine Auto Wash in its January issue, and you can see a picture of Vacutech’s signature arch vacuum system in the cover photo of the article. The story highlights that Shine Auto Wash, located on a prime 4-acre property in downtown Vancouver, includes 14 vacuums plus it offers a high-speed tunnel wash and a mini storage facility.

While going many miles and great lengths to find only the highest quality systems for their business, the Shine Auto Wash team sought expert advice from many companies, according to the article. Shine Auto Wash has also added a second location in Burnaby.

Both Vacutech and Shine know the importance in finding just the right location for a business. Finding our home in Sheridan, WY, took extensive research, time, and consideration. Being accessible to rail line and the highway system was a major factor in choosing our home. For Shine Auto Wash, drawing in customers was their main focus. “The property is located between two busy highways, which together produce a 165,000-cars-per-day traffic count,” Shine’s Co-owner Peter Dobell states in the article.

Vacutech is proud to be a part of Shine Auto Wash, and it’s an honor to do business with them and support their success.