DuoLock Combo
Vacuum Tool

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Lock in your vacuum tool performance.

Unique, patent-pending vacuum tool from Vacutech replaces standard claw and crevice tools. Innovative two-in-one design is more versatile, requires fewer tool variations onsite, streamlines operations.

Engineered locking system means wind cannot blow the tool out of the holder, which reduces damage from tools hitting the ground or getting run over. You’ll spend less time in the vacuum area picking up hoses, and your vacuum area will always look neat and clean.

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  • Replaces standard claw and crevice tools with a versatile tool that streamlines operations
  • Reduces potential damage to vacuum tools
  • Locking mechanism in holder securely locks tool in place yet easy to remove
  • Won’t collapse under vacuum like competitors’ version
  • Saves time and money on replacements

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