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Finally, the perfect mix of pay and free vacuums!

PIVOT System (Point-of-Sale Integrated Vacuum Operation Terminal)

At Vacutech, we listen closely to what technology our customers tell us they’re looking for—then we create it.

Our new PIVOT System is just that kind of customer-driven, Vacutech-delivered technology. Our customers have told us they were looking for a point-of-sale system that lets them offer vacuums that are part free, part pay. PIVOT makes it possible and boosts ROI.

As an integrated point-of-sale vacuum operation terminal, PIVOT lets carwash owners:

  • offer free vacuum to customers who buy a wash package.
  • charge for vacuum for customers who prefer to skip the wash.
  • allow a set amount of time for free vacuum then switch over to pay-for-use.
  • customize their PIVOT System to their unique needs.

Find all the details about Vacutech’s new PIVOT System by clicking below.