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In It To Win It.

We like a challenge, and when it comes to our current challenge, we’re In It To Win It.

Every day, our teams engineer complex central vacuum systems with incredible precision, and then manufacture them with considerable speed. Recently, we turned our design and build teams’ capabilities toward a different effort: a race car.

Vacutech will be participating in this week’s Beds Along the Bighorns race. The race is one of the fun events that accompanies the annual Sheridan WYO Rodeo here in our headquarters town of Sheridan, Wyoming. Teams build their own “race cars” that must include a bed (sheets, pillows and all!), then see who can push them down Sheridan’s Main Street the fastest.

And we do like to win.

So, our engineering and CAD team has paired up with our top-notch manufacturing team to design and build a racer that is made to perform, just like our central vacuum systems. Check back here soon as we unveil the racer itself, but for now, it’s top-secret.

A bed racer also needs literal man/woman-power to make it move. That means we’ve been running trials to see who on our team has as much stamina and power as our renowned vacuum systems. Dozens of Vacutech team members tried out for our race team, despite trials being held on a hot, dry day. Many more from our team gathered to cheer on the competitors.

We can’t wait to see our team power our Vacutech racer down Main Street this week!

Vacutech team mates braved the hot, dry conditions to compete for a spot on the bed race team. Here are our finalists.