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Industrial and commercial vacuum systems are not one size fits all

Your business is not like any of your competitors. You and your staff take pride in offering the most innovative and up to date services and facilities to your clients. We hear you and we understand.

As you drive your business to meet the individual needs of your customers, the professional experts at Vacutech are ready to help you make it happen. The creative process is detailed and industry specific, but the results are simple and universal. When you succeed, we succeed.

Our team employs top-notch engineers, architects and skilled workers to develop and implement a central vacuum system uniquely designed for your application or facility. Large or small, permanent or mobile, we make it fit and we make it better than anyone else.

equipmentEquipment built to specification for customer.

Our reputation stands for itself, and we stand behind our core values of honesty, integrity and accountability. We bring customization of product to clients across a wide spectrum of industry. Business leaders in mining, manufacturing, healthcare and electronics are among our valued clients.

We provide solutions to problems that plague industry growth and development. Our innovative applications help your business re-cycle vacuumed materials, or extract various materials or metals.

When your business plan requires a custom industrial or commercial application for a vacuum system, we hope you will consider Vacutech.

When you need direction in developing a business plan to improve your services or increase revenue, we hope you will consider Vacutech.

When you need an application that meets your specifications we hope you will consider Vacutech.

When you need commercial or industrial central vacuum technology, you need Vacutech!