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Lean Machines

Vacutech has a responsibility to our clients to produce our highest quality products in a timely manner. In our twenty years, we have come to learn that it is sometimes the smallest, simplest, inconveniences that create the biggest waste of time – time we do not have to lose.

As we grow, Vacutech has incorporated many priciples of Lean Manufacturing into our daily processes. Perhaps the most effective method, is the simplest – listening to our team. Every month, our team meets to discuss improvement. We also have a Worker Feedback Program for that very reason. We believe there is room for improvement no matter how well the current process is working. The team members working in each department understand it best, and we look to them to help us move in the right direction.

Our factory is a very visual one. While we look to leaning methods to save time and cost, we do not compromise on safety or quality. Whiteboards, shadow boards, and safety reminders are displayed throughout the factory for all on the floor to see.

Our “Plan-Do-Act-Check” cycle allows us to brainstorm new ideas, put them into action, and then ensure that they are working in the favor of our company and our clients. In the checking phase, we instill continuous improvement tracking and look over production metrics.

By incorporating methods like Two Bin Kanban and Jidoka, Vacutech has greatly cut back on wasted material and room for error. Two Bin Kanban is a system that we’ve brought to our factory to alert team members when crucial, frequently used parts are in low supply on the floor. Staff acts quickly to replenish the stock and keep things flowing. The Jidoka method allows us to stop work promptly if a problem or safety concern arises in the factory.

As we work together, act upon opportunities of improvement, and bring new ideas and strategies to the Vacutech mission, our company is able to grow and strengthen as a team. This results in the powerful, industry leading products we’ve been putting forth for more than two decades.