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Location, location, location!

Location—it’s what many will argue is the most important decision to make when determining where to run a business.
For us, Sheridan, Wyoming, fit the bill, our CEO John Tucker told the Wyoming Business Report in its December 2015 issue.
Some years ago, having outgrown our original headquarters near Denver, Colo., and knowing further expansion would be in the company’s near future, John wanted a location that would allow for the growth he knew Vacutech was capable of.
John stumbled upon Sheridan. The access to interstate traffic and rail lines quickly made it clear that Wyoming had potential. Add an advantageous business climate, and Vacutech had a new home.
“The confluence of transportation is similar to that enjoyed at Cheyenne’s Swan Ranch, and Tucker is of the opinion that Sheridan can become a regional manufacturing hub,” the article states.
Now growing by thirty percent or more each year, the move to Sheridan is a decision John is very proud of, he tells the Wyoming Business Report.
“Sheridan gave us the ability to really focus on our business. There are no distractions of all the problems of [urban] society, the tax issues, the regulations, all those things that weigh on you,” says John in the article. Without distractions, a company can maintain focus on it’s customers and product.
“We listen to our clients,” Tucker explained. “The larger companies come to us to solve their problems. That’s the secret to our success: we customize almost every product.”
The future is looking quite bright for Vacutech; currently expanding the offices, plant, and looking at more land for planned grow…in Sheridan of course.
Location. Location. Location.