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Make Maintenance a Breeze

When seasons start to change, maintenance is always recommended. Now is the time to clean and/or replace your vacuum filter bags, inspect tools and hoses for wear and tear, and inspect the entire system for small leaks. This may sound like a pretty big task, but Vacutech has several products to help ease the maintenance process.

Vacutech is proud to offer two types of Powerclean Separators designed specifically for your needs. Both our Filter Separators and Primary Separators offer cyclonic separation of dirt and debris. With eight models to choose from, together we can find the one that’s right for you.

Filter Separators provide protection for the heart of the vacuum system. One of the best features is that no tools are needed to access or maintain the filter bags. To simplify maintenance even further, two options are offered. The Standard Bag Shaker allows for the handle to be simply moved back and forth to remove dust from the filter bag. The Optional Pulse Jet is an automatic self-cleaning feature which uses compressed air.

Our Primary Separators separate the dirt and debris upon entry into the filter separator. Primary models extend both the lives of separator filters and separator maintenance intervals. Both the Primary and Filter Separators are engineered and manufactured in Wyoming!

To see our models and learn more about what our Separators can do for your business, see our product fliers at Let’s make cleanup and maintenance a breeze!