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Our Custom Services at Vacutech – What Your Business Needs

When it comes to central vacuums, a standard “off the shelf” solution may not meet your business needs. That is why our Custom Services at Vacutech are designed to customize the central vacuum solution to what is right for your particular business.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you need in a central vacuum system, Vacutech will work with you to design the right solution for you – all the way to the last detail. We take into account all the relevant variables (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) to properly size the vacuum system to meet your application.

Some of the specific issues to be considered when designing a custom vacuum system are: what materials are being moved, how far, what number of simultaneous users is required, what is the distance materials will travel, and what enclosure will be used.

So if your business needs more than an “off the shelf” vacuum, look to the custom services at Vacutech. We work with you to design the best system for your needs.custom vacuum