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Our products exceed expectations; check out Coolaroo.

At Vacutech, we hold ourselves to the highest standards for production and customer service. It makes sense that we partner with companies that hold themselves to a similar caliber of quality. Coolaroo, a manufacturer of high quality, durable textiles has worked with Vacutech for years. Initially developed to withstand the heat and extreme weather of the Australian outback, Coolaroo provides a uniquely hardwearing fabric that lasts a decade and beyond. Check out how we’ve used Coolaroo to shade our central vacuum systems in the photo below.


Coolaroo offers a wide range of heat-beating products; check out this example of their South American inspired hammocks: This example of quality product and innovative design demonstrates why we at Vacutech have partnered with Coolaroo.

At Vacutech, we design complete systems that are more than just equipment. We ask questions to understand what goals your system must achieve. Sizing the system and meeting your technical specifications is incredibly important, so we work with you and guide you through every step of the process.

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