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Partnered in Success with Let’Er Buck Car Wash

Vacutech recently reached out to Sheridan, Wyoming’s Let’Er Buck Car Wash to check in on how their Central Vacuum System is performing. Six years ago, Vacutech was honored to partner with Let’Er Buck, and we’re happy to report their vacuums are still running strong.

Choosing a manufacturer for their central vacuum system, didn’t take long. Vacutech was the only company considered. Owners, Mark Law, and Dave Wills wanted to offer their customers the most powerful system available. While visiting many car washes throughout the United States, they “found the carwash operators that installed Vacutech Vacuum Systems felt the performance and installation exceeded their expectations,” says Law.

When Let’Er Buck began working with Vacutech, thorough design discussions and expert representatives helped lead to a “top notch installation.” Each day, happy customers are pleasantly surprised at the level of suction; even when multiple car wash goers are vacuuming at the same time. Our central vacuum systems continue to provide the same level of suction for each vehicle, regardless of the number of simultaneous users.

For Let’Er Buck Car Wash, the Vacutech signature arch design allows for a hose on each side of the parked vehicle. There is no hassle dragging the hose around, causing kinks, strain, or missed spots. This results in even more happy customers and cleaner cars!

Vacutech is thrilled to have been partnered with Let’Er Buck Car Wash for the last six years, and looks forward to hearing more about their success with our central vacuum system for years to