Part of the NCS logo family

Vacutech is committed to manufacturing the highest performance vacuum systems and constantly moving forward.

Vacutech is a company that embodies the American dream.  With more than 60 years experience in the business, brothers Tom and John Tucker built Vacutech based on their commitment to manufacturing the highest performance central vacuum systems on the market, a feat that our customers would affirm has been achieved. Vacutech’s standards of excellence, whether it be customer service or manufacturing, reflect nearly two decades of hard work and perseverance.

In today’s rapidly moving marketplace one must always be willing and able to adapt. Vacutech’s new logo displays this mentality. It was designed to show fluidity and motion, to indicate that Vacutech is constantly moving forward, embracing new ideas while maintaining long-standing principles and caliber of service. The logo borrows from America’s national colors as a tribute to the country where Vacutech products are built.