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What is CAD?

The term “CAD” is one heard often in manufacturing and design. But what does it mean?

At Vacutech, we have an entire department dedicated to product design and engineering, and they use CAD to achieve the desired outcome. Our 15 designers and engineers utilize our Computer-Aided Design program, CAD, to create 2D and 3D models of each vacuum system, product, component, or accessory we create and manufacture. Having a good idea, layout, or model early on in the planning process is a great place to start to ensure each vacuum system or component meets the needs of our clients.

From the start, our CAD Team completes the process of design, refinement, and review to ensure each every aspect of the project or component is error free.

When it comes to site layout, our clients work with a site design specialist throughout the entire process; making sure that the system being designed meets their goals and achieves just the right look to compliment the Car Wash site.

When making products, our manufacturing team utilizes CAD drawings and models, to manufacture and assemble each component to exact specifications. In general CAD manufacturing drawings show the finished product and each component required to make it, on a smaller scale and with all necessary dimensions and work instructions. We can see all the nuts and bolts, so-to-speak, that will be required to complete each product.

For site layouts, the CAD drawings show each system in miniature, with 3D perspectives of the entire site, and 2D and/or 3D drawings of each sub-system (electrical, compressed air, vacuum piping, etc.) needed for construction and installation.

Before we set off to install, the client gives final approval of site layout based on the CAD diagram. From first call to install, and beyond, Vacutech’s number one priority is our clients’ success. We’re with you every step of the way!