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Winning Takes a Team

The Vacutech team is comprised of engineers, system designers, manufacturing experts and customer care representatives. Though many have similar roles, each individual employee brings something different to the team. We know it’s the integrity and determination of our staff that has helped Vacutech succeed. That is why Vacutech has developed many ways to share that success with our employees.

When forming our team, Vacutech searches for genuine people with a desire to go above and beyond. Kent Heronimus, Human Resources Director says that his favorite part of working for Vacutech, “is watching our team members achieve more than they thought was possible.” During the hiring process, he has heard interviewees say, “they wish they could build equipment like we do. Then we bring them on board, train them, and before long they are contributing to Vacutech’s success and accomplishing more than they thought they could.” Once onboard the Vacutech teammates are given the tools necessary to succeed in our company, and in their personal lives.

In addition to job specific training, our company also provides our employees with financial training by Dave Ramsey. “It is important to Vacutech to provide resources to our employees which address the health and well-being of each of our teammates, including their financial health. Helping to remove outside stressors, and/or giving them healthy ways to cope with those stressors, enables our employees to focus on themselves, their families, and their role here at Vacutech,” says Kent. Another benefit offered is free YMCA membership, to encourage employees to keep their minds and bodies in shape and in good health.

Work-life balance is becoming increasingly important these days, and we want our employees to always be taken care of. Recently, Vacutech began an Employee Assistance Fund. This is a charitable foundation to help employees in a time of need. If a qualifying event occurs in a team member’s life, they are able to apply for a grant to help offset essential living expenses and the additional stress that comes with it.

For Vacutech, putting forth products which provide solutions to the Car Wash Customer, and contribute to the success of the Car Wash Location is our goal, however we know great products and great customer service can only happen with great people. Which is why Vacutech invests in the team and the future success of each individual team member!