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You and Yours: Customer Service from Start to Finish

From the first sketch, to the final coat of custom-colored paint or powder coat, Vacutech designs each system to meet and exceed the performance you expect from your vacuum.

We keep you and your customer in mind as we manufacture every product specific to the needs of each location. We know your car wash vacuum systems must be able to handle a wide range of debris whether it is mysterious crumbs covering car seats or a deep pile of dirt and rocks on the floor of the vehicle. We also don’t ignore the need to catch those valuables your customer may have vacuumed by mistake so they can be returned safety. Whether it is a child’s favorite toy car, a loose wedding ring, or an important set of keys, our systems are designed to deposit them safely until they are retrieved.

At Vacutech, we know how important pleasing your customers is to you because customer service is our first priority as well. Your customers deserve the best and so do you. Call us today to begin a custom solution for your business and for those you serve.