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Your Industry. Your Solution.

Vacutech may be best known for our car wash vacuum systems. However, we specialize in manufacturing unique solutions for a multitude of industries and commercial businesses.

A Vacutech Vacuum System is not one uniform product or design. Essentially, it can be anything your industry needs it to be. Manufacturing plants, like our own here in Wyoming, can create a lot of debris. We use one of our own systems in our factory to removing debris from the air, keep our machinery clean, and ensure our floors are clean and debris free.

Commercial housekeeping is another example of an industry we work with frequently. Offices, hotels, you name it, our vacuums can help. It is eye opening when you think of all the industries, factories, and businesses that create debris and harmful dust.

Large debris or material removal needed? Our Vacutech team can help with that too. Precious metal collection, removal of gravel or ore samples, and recycling of vacuumed material, are all functions we can work into our designs to improve your process, and support your success.

Having a powerful system doing the work to keep your facility clean, saves time, energy, and cost. From healthcare to electronics, Vacutech truly has a solution for everyone. Take a look and learn more about our custom solutions today!